Natural Facial Rejuvenation

The Step-by-Step Secrets to Melting Years Off
Your Face and Rejuvenating Your Life

Whether you are a professional body worker who wants to offer natural facial rejuvenation to your clients, or you want this information to improve your own appearance and health, the techniques and information that you will learn in the The Lange-Muller Method of Natural Facial Rejuvenation training can give you the skills to unlock years of stress, tension, trauma and even scar tissue from the face.

This unique system combines the gentleness of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with the laser-like focus of Facial Acupressure is based on ancient Chinese knowledge and modern biodynamic cranio sacral techniques as well as the latest research on brain science, social engagement, facial and cranial health, including facial and head trauma, bonding and attachment issues, and autism. It allows you or your client to:
Listening Touch

  • Start unlocking old trauma patterns held in the face in a loving, gentle way
  • Reconnect with oneself
  • Relax the overworked mind, body and face
  • Get back in touch with one’s own authentic self

It’s simple, quick and easy!

  bulletNo acupuncture needles

  bulletNo botox injections

  bulletOne of the easiest self-help methods available!

  bulletFor professional aestheticians and massage therapists as well as lay people



  • Attract more clients: Be the first in your area to offer these valuable techniques to your clients
  • Extend your knowledge: Learn how meridians affect every part of the body and life-force, the differences between types of touch, the need for bonding and so much more!
  • Get CEU course credits:
  • -California Acupuncture Board, 18 CA CEUs
    -National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) 18 CEUs
    -National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) 18 CE hours
    -Nursing: 18 CEUs

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You, too, can learn these simple techniques:

  • Improve elasticity and tone in your skin, connective tissue and muscular layers of your face
  • Enhance circulation of your lymphs, blood and chi
  • Restore expressivity, joy and youthfulness to your face
  • Bring relaxation to your whole body through contacting the social engagement nervous system
  • Read and transform underlying stagnations, weaknesses and imbalances reflected in your face – the Yin and the Yang

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What Our Students Say:

Mindy “It wasn’t surgical… and I look 20 years younger.” – Mindy N, Aesthetician

gwen“I can’t believe how easy and relaxing it was…” – Gwen M, Massage Therapist
daleI’m loving it! … Results in seconds! … Just what the Doctor ordered!” – Dale M, Acupuncturist & Dental Hygienist
dana“It’s relaxing. It’s fantastic. It’s very relaxing, very calming, centering.” – Dana G, Esthetician
Wendy“Your Home Study Course is fantastic… I look 10 years younger, yay!” – Wendy O, Riding Instructor
helma “Thank you for the spectacular sessions. The human body, I believe, was made to feel this way, but dealing with all the pollutants in today’s world, it becomes increasingly more difficult to remain at “core.” You and your team showed us how to achieve it, even amid chaos. Again, thank you.” – Helma

victoria Something is very different about the big dent in my forehead, which always felt creepy but doesn’t anymore, instead of holding tightly where, when tissue is injured, it never completely heals. That’s what was going on there… a concussion and head injury from 1974. To experience (the work) ourselves (as profesionals) is really exciting, and that’s what happened for me today. – Victoria B, CranioSacral Practitioner

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