Frequently Asked Questions for
“Natural Facial Rejuvenation –
The Lange-Muller Method

Q. Is this like EFT for Facial Rejuvenation?

A. No, this goes beyond EFT. We are blending a craniosacral touch that is “biodynamic” with an acupressure aspect and a whole face-lift massage, facial massage aspect. We use a “listening touch” which responds uniquely to each individual and each situation. This then opens possibilities of deep healing. The face might want to push out old trauma or pull in renewed balance and energy.

Q. What is Biodynamic craniosacral therapy for the face?

A. Biodynamic Craniosacral is based on the original work of osteopath William Garner Sutherland who came to an experiential and theoretical understanding of how the bones, membranes and tissues within the skull “breathe”. Through gentle touch and deep listening, we open the body into its natural healing impulses.

Q. What is Acupressure for the face and Facial Rejuvenation?

A. The application of physical contact with the fingers to specific points on the face and body that are part of the Meridian system discovered by the ancient Chinese over two thousand years ago. These points have been proven to be extremely powerful in accessing the healing forces. We do this through what we call Laser Touch in the Lange Muller method. This technique helps to specifically focus and enhance the healing forces in the body

Q. How do you work with Trauma Healing to help the face?

A. We encourage the face and body to go at their own pace and do not force them or try to “fix” the trauma. Once the person starts to feel safe, the nervous system re-regulates and the body sets its own healing priorities. Often the body is ready to let go of old patterns, especially those held in the face. We never force an outcome; we wait patiently until the body is ready. And then the face can lift naturally.

Q. Why do you go so slowly in the processes you teach?

A. Great question! It may seem very strange at first, given how busy our external world is, but there’s an extremely important reason for this that most other Facial treatments ignore. The healing and relaxation of the face happens more easily and deeply when we go slowly enough to access the deep healing forces. If you’re constantly tapping your face very fast, or massaging it or exercising it very vigorously, there are often deeper reflexes that rebel because they don’t want to be pushed. Can you relate to that?

So once the body understands that we’re going to gently slow down our own pace in order to give it time to relax and show us its own pace, then it can release old trauma and heal more easily. All of this gets reflected in the face, which of course is the focus of this unique Natural Rejuvenation Program, The Lange -Muller Method.

Also, when we feel more relaxed and rejuvenated it affects not just our face but our whole body and being.

Q. Why don’t you spend more time specifically with the muscles of the face? I’m a massage therapist.

A. When we use the special Lange-Muller method of Listening Touch and Laser Touch we are able to directly influence not just the muscles of the face, but also the underlying fascia and tissues that affect the skin and tone of the face. In Level, we teach you our method so that you can immediately start to work with the face. In Level II, we develop a deeper relationship with the muscles and other structures of the face and neck. You do not need specific knowledge of the muscles in order to benefit from this level I Program; the listening touch guides you into deep muscular and fascial relationships that are ready to release and to tone.

Q. You mention Level II. What does that consist of?

A. Currently, our Natural Facial Rejuvenation Program, Level II, is only offered as a live program, mainly for practitioners. We are working to get this online also.

This Level II Natural Facial Rejuvenation Program consists of more specific work with the muscles, the deeper tissues, and acupuncture meridians of the face, head and neck. We cover the full Dr. Frances Wong Protocol and work with unlocking deeper levels of old trauma and toxic scar treatment.

Q. How is this like Natural Facelift Massage?

A. This is a form of Natural Facelift or Facial Massage that works directly with the face, tissues and skin and goes beyond. The initial steps are a form of natural facelift or facial massage which comes from a very old Indian and Chinese tradition. Then we go deeper with the Listening Touch and Laser Touch modalities that we teach you in Level I. The Lange-Muller Method of Natural Facial Rejuvenation is intended to re-set the balance of the nervous system and to encourage long lasting release of old chronic patterns.

Q. How is this different from a surgical facelift?

A. It’s very different. It’s not even like a non-surgical facelift, because we’re not trying to replicate the effects of plastic surgery. Our goal is to teach you to come into loving relationship with the face – with your own and with other faces and to access a deeper more satisfying connection with your face, your body and yourself. Our method does work specifically with the face to access a greater sense of Natural Rejuvenation, not just with your face but with your whole body. If you’re a practitioner, we have observed that as practitioners come into a more whole relationship with themselves, they are able to hold a more safe and healing presence for their clients.

If you have any technical problems or cannot access the online material please contact us immediately so that we can get the program to you in a different format.